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Eco-Me Baby Starter Set

Eco-Me 100% Natural Baby Kit
Make your own natural Baby Room Spray, Baby Clean Wipes and Baby Diaper Freshener.

Bring your own: White Vinegar & Water

Mix in ours: Eco-Me’s Baby Blend essential oil

You will love the sweet fragrance of Eco-Me Baby Blend, 100% natural essential oil mix with Lavender, Chamomile & Mandarin Orange.



Kit includes:
1 Bottle with Sprayer to mix Eco-Me Baby Room Spray
1 Jar & Lid to mix Eco-Me Baby Wipes, 25 recyclable cloths included
1 Jar & Lid to mix Eco-Me Baby Diaper Pail Deodorizer
1 Bottle of Eco-Me Baby blend essential oil mix
1 Mixer
1 Scooper
1 Eco-Me cotton Baby Towel



Baby Blend Oil Refill

Eco-Me Baby Blend Refill Oil
Thanks to the healing properties of pure plant essential oil, you can now use Eco-Me's Baby Blend essential oil mix and have safe products in your home without harmful chemicals. Eco-Me’s proprietary blend of essential oils is a mix of Chamomile, Lavender, Mandarin Orange, Clementine, Calendula & Petitgrain. This essential oil blend smells great and cleans naturally.

1 bottle of Eco-Me essential oil Baby Blend will last for
2 fills of each product -- that’s 6 products in just 1 kit!

Use your Baby Blend Oil Kit with your Eco-Me Baby Kit for a natural and clean Baby, safe & chemical-free.


Baby Wipe Refill

Cotton wipes for use with Eco-Me Baby Kit wipes product.
Use full size or cut in half for smaller wipes. Set of 25 wipes per pack.

Please recycle cloths after use.



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Eco-Me Baby Starter Kit Price: $35.95

Eco-Me Baby Essential Oil
 Blend Refill
Price: $9.95
Eco-Me Baby Wipes Refill
(25 wipes per pack)
2 packs = 50 wipes
2 packages for



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