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Luxury Organic Cotton Rugs

Animal Shaped Eye Pillows And Neck & Back Pillows Made Out Of Organic Cotton Fabric And Filled With Herbs.

Handcrafted Sustainable Underbed Drawers

Sustainable Wood Underbed Storage Drawers



  • Made form solid Premium American midwestern and appalachian hardwoods that are from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sustainably managed forests and in plentiful supply. Choose From:

    • Walnut (Juglans nigra). Common Names: American Walnut or Eastern Black Walnut. Characteristics: The sapwood of black walnut is nearly white, while the heartwood is light brown to dark, chocolate brown, often with a purplish cast and darker streaks. The wood is heavy, hard, and stiff and has high shock resistance.


    • Cherry (Prunus serotina). Common Names: Wild Black Cherry, Mountain Black Cherry and Rum Cherry. Characteristics: The heartwood is brownish with a greenish tinge, darkening upon exposure to a deep reddish brown with a golden luster. The wood has a mild, aromatic scent, but no characteristic taste. It is of medium density, firm, and strong, with a fine, uniform texture.


    • Hard Maple (Acer saccharum). Common Names: Sugar Maple or Rock Maple. Characteristics: Sapwood is commonly white with a slight reddish-brown tinge. Hard maple has a fine, uniform texture, is resistant to abrasion and has no characteristic odor or taste. It is heavy, strong, stiff, hard, and resistant to shock.

      Maple Wood

    • Red Oak (Quercus rubra). Common Names: American Red Oak, Black Oak, Buck Oak, Eastern Red Oak. Characteristics: Heartwood is reddish brown in color and has a course texture. Oak is heavy, straight-grained, hard, tough, very stiff, and strong.

      Red Oak Wood

    • Wooden slats are made from Premium Poplar with bull nosed edges.

  • Made in the USA

  • 10 Year Manufacture Warranty.

  • Available Finishes: unfinished, hand rubbed with linseed oil and beeswax (most popular), hand rubbed teak oils, or hard wax oils (on oak wood only). Unfinished is a great option for people looking to finish it themselves or for some people that are chemically sensitive. Adding a finish can help add protection to the wood.

    Finished below shown with Linseed oil and beeswax finish:

    Wood Options

    Hard Wax Oil colors available for Oak Furniture:
    (click on picture to see larger version)

    Stain Colors Available for Oak Furniture

    European hard wax oil is used because it does not contain petrochemicals so it is VOC-free. It does not stink like big box store stains which require respirators to apply. The hard wax oil is plant oil based and, like the linseed oil and teak oil finishes, is applied to the wood, allowed to soak in and then wiped to remove excess oil. It does not cover the wood texture like paint but rather collects more in the grain and brings out the patterns and beauty.

  • Average Lead Time - 3 weeks to make plus approximatley 1 week to arrive. Assembly required.

  Made In The USA


Underbed Sotrage Drawers - Set of 2

  Priced From
wooden underbed storage drawers

Set of 2 Starting from $225
Handcrafted with sustainable American hardwoods. Add additional storage room to your bedroom with these underbed storage drawers to help you make efficient use of space. Great for storing extra blankets, sheets, pillows, etc. Designed to fit underneath the wooden bed frames (with the exception of the hemp frame) with the standard platform height. 
  • Sold in Sets of 2
  • Each Drawer: 32" wide, 17" deep, 7" high.

See more details about the finishes above.
















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