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Functional Art: Natural Lamps

Unique and uplifting objects that are made using the natural and earthy qualities of stone, wood and handmade paper to transform these elements into elegant functional art. Each lamp is individual in character due to the variation of the materials that are used, which is part of the unique aesthetic. Each piece is a distinctly different object, to stand apart from the rest.
 Shade Colors:

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 Styles and Prices:
(These lamps can only be shipped within the United States)
 Riverstone Bedside Cube Lamp

Riverstone Bedside Cube Twig Lamp with solid riverstone and salt cedar twig neck. Shown here with new cube -shaped White and Gold lamp shade.

Dimensions: 27" overall height. Cube-shaped shade measures 8 in. x 8 in. x 12 in.

Shade Color Options:

$507 $378

(click on lamp for a to view larger photo)
 Riverstone Bedside/Desk Top Lamp

(shown with round nestor color shade)


Riverstone Bedside/Desk Top lamp with grey granite rock base and salt cedar bundle neck. Shown here with Nestor lamp shade.

Dimensions: 24 inches overall height. Medium Round shade measures 5 in. x 15 in. x 10 in.

Shade Color Options:

$339 $316


(click on lamp for a to view larger photo)
 Fat Boy Stone Table Lamp

(shown with riverstone, cream color rectangle shade)

(shown with red sandstone base, red color large round flared shade)

(shown with tanish sandstone, cream color large round flared shade)

Fat Boy Stone Lamp
with stone finials and pull chain.

Dimensions: 21" to 22" overall height.

Stone Options:

  • Riverstone

  • Red Sandstone

  • Sandstone (tanish/brown)

Shade Shape Options:

  • Large Rectangular shade measures 4" x 6" / 12" x 18" / 12"

  • Large Round Flared shade measures 6 in. X 22 in. X 12 in.

Shade Color Options:

$507 $472

(click on lamp for a to view larger photo)
 Tall Boy Side Table Lamp

(shown with tanish sandstone base, cream color xl rectangle shade)

(shown with tanish sandstone base, mint green color xl rectangle shade)

Tall Boy Stone Side Table Lamp with solid rectangular river stone rock base.

Dimensions: 27 inches overall height.

Stone Options:

  • Riverstone - please see the example of the riverstone in the Fat Boy lamp above.

  • Sandstone

Shade Shape Options:

  • Extra Large Rectangular shade measures Top - 4" X 6" / Bottom - 12" X 23", Height (slanted)  15"

Shade Color Options:

$590 $514

(click on lamp for a to view larger photo)
 Riverstone Table Lamp With Rectangular Shade

(shown with riverstone base, black gold large rectangle shade)


Riverstone Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade with river stone rock base.

Dimensions: 28 inches overall height. Large Rectangular shade measures Top: 4" x 6", Bottom: 12" x 18", Height (slanted): 11"

Shade Color Options:

$566 $434

(click on lamp for a to view larger photo)
 Riverstone Floor Lamp

Riverstone Floor lamp has a riverstone base and salt cedar twig neck.
• Hand hammered copper bracelet at middle
• Shown here with Rectangular White Gold Shade
• Comes with stone finial and pull chain.

Dimensions: 62 inches overall height. Extra Large rectangular shade measures
top: 4" x 6"
bottom: 12" x 23"
height (slanted): 15"

Shade Color Options:

$709 $660


(click on lamp for a to view larger photo)
 Shade Colors:

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The lamps are made from hand picked natural stones from dry river beds (arroyos), glacial deposits and in the mountains of Northern New Mexico. No mined materials are used. The ecologically harvested twigs used are called "Salt Cedar", which is an invasive, non-native plant that has taken over nearly all the riparian habitat (along streams, rivers and wetlands) in the Southwest. A mature Salt Cedar plant can drink 400 gallons of water a day! It grows very fast and chokes out most native plants and can drop the water table so much it will dry up smaller streams in just a few years! The color of the twigs is the natural color when dry. They are not treated. The salt cedar is harvested from the Bosque del Apache Wildlife refuge, where it has been taking over the ecosystem. The shades are handmade paper with a styrene backing for support, which gives them strength and durability. Hammered copper adds to the beauty of the natural world into living spaces we live and work in. Creating beauty from the natural world while doing as little harm as possible.
Extreme care is taken to provide consistency in quality and aesthetic proportions. However, due to the unique individuality and variation of all the natural elements used, slight differences should be expected. Indeed, this is what makes each item a one-of-a-kind creation and is the basis for the originality of design and material. A slight buckling of the interior of the shade may occur as a result of the manufacturing process.
Prices above do not include shipping. Shipping charges for these lamps are 10% of the subtotal. These lamps normally take 3-6 weeks to arrive.




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