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Multiple Chemically Sensitivity


EcoChoices Products
  • Our products are made out of all natural materials. They are not made out of man made chemicals. All new materials outgas smells. These odors decrease over time. To give you an example of this, consider how the "new car smell" decreases during the first month of ownership. Our mattresses and bedding are made of all natural materials. Therefore, they do not outgas manmade chemicals. These products are made to order. For people that are chemically sensitive, we recommend that they air them out for 2-4 weeks before using them. To do this, we recommend that they put them in front of a window, if possible, where the sun will shine on them. Also, putting a fan on them with the sheets off during the day will also help outgas the natural odors. These steps will help the odors outgas much more quickly. 

    To be on the safe side, we do recommend that if you have allergies, are chemically sensitive, or are highly sensitive to smells, that you have the materials tested before purchasing our products. If you would like to test yourself with the materials used in our mattresses, please order a Mattress Materials Samples Kit: $5.00. Take the samples to your physician or allergy specialist to have the materials tested for you.  We do not warranty allergies so it is very important to make sure that you will not have a problem with the materials before you purchase the mattress. 


What is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)?

    1.  The symptoms are reproducible with repeated chemical exposure.
    2.  The condition is chronic.
    3.  Low levels of exposure (lower than previously or commonly tolerated) result in manifestations of the syndrome.
    4.  The symptoms improve or resolve when the incitants are removed.
    5.  Responses occur to multiple chemically unrelated substances.
    6.  Symptoms involve multiple organ systems. (added in 1999)

Consensus definition of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) signed by 34 researchers and clinicians, published in Archives of Environmental Health 1999; 54(3) 147-149.


What Causes MCS?
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is caused by exposure to chemicals. Some people acquire it after one major exposure. Most acquire it after prolonged low level exposure. This could be over months, years, or even a lifetime of exposure.   
Where Can These Chemicals Be Found?
  • These chemicals can be found in almost everything. Each person is different on what chemicals they are sensitive to.






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