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Dust Mite Allergies


For people that are very sensitive to dust mites, we have a couple of recommendations. What people are allergic to with dust mites are the fecal matter that they produce. What is recommended is to put on two sheets at the beginning of the the week, and then take off a bottom sheet and put on a new top sheet on Wednesday. Then on Sunday, take all the sheets off and sun and air the bed.

Sunning mattresses and bedding that is made out of natural materials helps to clean them. I'm sorry to say that this does not work for products made out of synthetic materials. Sun kills the dust mites and they don't like air. Whenever you can, leave the covers pulled back from the bed, on any day. Dust mites need your body and your body's moisture to survive.

Dust mites don't like wool because wool spreads out the moisture and dries quickly. There are very little dust mites in wool. And 100% Natural Latex has antibacterial properties which help keep the dust mites away as well.

Our 100% Natural Latex mattress covered with Organic Cotton and Pure Grow Wool quilted to the fabric is the best choice for someone with Dust Mite Allergies.

In the Allergy journal, June 2002, Norwegian researchers discovered microscopic dust mites prefer synthetic foam mattresses to mattresses with springs. Synthetic foam mattresses with no fabric cover harbor cover harbor eight times more dust mite fecal pellets than spring-type mattresses. The study did not include 100% natural latex mattresses, which are naturally resistant to dust mites.

  • Center For Disease Control - tips on reducing dust mites

    Dust mites thrive in soft furnishings like pillows, mattresses, carpets, and drapes. These microscopic organisms give off particles that cause allergic reactions when inhaled. They need moisture to survive and therefore thrive in humid environments. Decreasing the number of dust mites to which people with asthma are exposed may help control their asthma. One key way of doing this in the bedroom is by using mattress and pillow case covers. These bedding encasements, which are available commercially, may be plastic or vinyl and are covered with cotton, nylon, or knit fabric. They provide a barrier between the dust mites and the person with asthma. A sheet and pillow case are usually placed over the encasement for increased comfort. Any linens placed over the encasements should be washed weekly in hot water.

    Down-filled pillows, quilts, or comforters should not be used. Down filling consists of tiny feathers that contain large numbers of dust mites. Also, stuffed animals and clutter should be removed from the bedroom.

    If a child with asthma wants to play or sleep with a stuffed toy, wash the toy frequently in hot water, or put it in the freezer for a few hours every 2 weeks. Freezing cold kills dust mites as effectively as hot water. The hot water needs to be about 130 degrees to kill mites, and this is generally hotter than most household hot water. If you re-set your hot water heater thermostat to 130 degrees, you have to take other precautions to prevent scalding.

    Another thing to consider in the bedroom is getting rid of fabric curtains and replacing them with shades or mini-blinds. Replace upholstered chairs with plastic or wood, and, if possible, get rid of carpeting in favor of vinyl or wood floors with area rugs that can be shaken out frequently. Because dust mites need high humidity, try to keep the humidity levels in your home to under 50%. In hot, humid climates, this requires the use of air conditioning and possibly dehumidifiers. In dryer, cooler climates, you may be able to achieve this by opening windows and ensuring good air flow.


For bedding,, we recommend our Pure Grow Wool Pillows and Comforters.




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