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Electromagnetic Fields (EMF's)


What are they?
Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are created by electric power charges. There are two types of fields - electric fields which result from the strength (voltage) of the charge and magnetic fields which result from the motion (amperage) of the charge.
EMF's - Controversy
Are typical levels of EMF's actually harmful? Is EMF a carcinogen? There have not been any conclusive scientific studies that prove that typical levels of EMF's are harmful. There have been about two decades of intense research on the topic of health effects of EMF's. The Wertheimer-Leeper study, from the 80's, appeared to show a positive link between 60-hertz fields and leukemia, but later researchers looked at the same data, and found that the localities with higher incidences of leukemia turned out to be closer to high-traffic regions. It wasn't EMF's causing the cancers - it was probably exposure to more auto exhaust pollutants, including benzenes, which (unlike EMF's) are actually known to cause leukemia. (Science, 9 Nov. 1990, p. 739).
Resources & Articles

Here are a few articles about Electromagnetic Fields:



For people looking for a mattress, and are concerned about EMF's, please see our latex mattresses.




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