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Pure Grow WoolIn Sonoma County, California, a regimen of stringent controls was adopted years ago to establish what is known as PURE GROW WOOL. The result of this program is a distinctive line of woolen products, scrupulously cleaned and created without bleaches, formaldehydes, dyes, or animal cruelty by more than 50 ranchers. Be assured that all of the wool-filled products are made in the USA from Pure Grow Wool.

The production of Pure Grow Wool and the bedding derived from it has a lasting beneficial impact on our natural environment as well as your personal sleep environment. Wool fiber fills and batting provide the most comfortable and healthful microclimate for the human body at rest.

Because wool fibers are uniquely spiral, they create tiny pockets of insulating air that absorb moisture like a sponge. In a comforter, wool's springy, resilient fibers trap an abundance of air to create a layer of insulation that evenly maintains body temperature. Wool's fiber-and-air combination in mattress batting cushions the body and shields it from irritating pressure points.

It's a surprising fact that beneath a comforter, the average person perspires as much as a pint of water during an eight-hour period of sleep. But wool absorbs and wicks away large amounts of moisture vapor before the feeling of wetness disturbs sleep. The effect of wool's "natural climate zone" is advantageous in a pillow, which receives especially large quantities of body moisture.

A study constructed by two leading European institutes confirms wool's superior comfort, demonstrating the lowering of heart rate, decreasing humidity and regulating body temperature. And under both warm and cool sleeping conditions, wool fill wicks away body moisture better than down, cotton, or synthetic fibers.

Because wool dries so quickly, dust mites don't like it. So our products that contain our Pure Grow Wool are especially resistant to dust mites.



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