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Oil Crayons 

Oil Crayons leave a clean, dry and smudge resistant surface. They are strong and do not crumble easily. Paper wrappers are not necessary for these crayons so you are not obstructed at any time when they are coloring. Not as fragile as wax crayons, colors are brighter, resistant to softening or melting from sunlight. Blend easily to create different tones. The base of all these products consists of natural ingredients with approved colorants in compliance with all EU directives on Grafic instruments and Toy safety.





Oil Crayons from Filia, Denmark

They are used for from drawing and also work well for shaded drawing. The colors are transparent and blend well.

Colors: black, dark brown, dark blue, pale green, red, vermillion, orange, yellow, white, blue violet, pale blue, dark green, red violet, ultramarine, blassbrown, blassorange, blassyellow, grey, rose, olive green, green, turquoiseblue, dunkelochre, light ochre, dark violet, greyviolet, dunkelcobalt blue, blasscobalt blue, yellow green, chromoxydgreen, brown, dark rose, blassrose, stahlgrey, blassgrey, bluegrey


 Oil Color Crayons from Fila

36 Assorted Colors  $27.95

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Color palette for:
Filia oil crayons series 103 - 36 assorted
51 black
51  black
52 dark brown
52  dark brown
53 dark blue
53  dark blue
54 pale green
54  pale green
55 red
55  red
56 vermillion
56  vermillion
57 orange
57  orange
58 yellow
58  yellow
59 white
59  white
60 blue violet
60  blue violet
61 pale blue
61  pale blue
62 dark green
62  dark green
63 red violet
63  red violet
64 ultramarine
64  ultramarine
65 apple brown
65  apple brown
66 pale orange
66  pale orange
67 pale yellow
67  pale yellow
68 grey
68  grey
69 pink
69  pink
70 green olive
70  green olive
71 green
71  green
72 turquoise blue
72  turquoise blue
73 dark ochre
73  dark ochre
74 yellow ochre
74  yellow ochre
75 dark violet
75  dark violet
76 grey violet
76  grey violet
77 dark cobalt blue
77  dark cobalt blue
78 pale cobalt blue
78  pale cobalt blue
79 yellow green
79  yellow green
80 oxyde chromium
80  oxyde chromium
81 brown
81  brown
82 dark pink
82  dark pink
83 pale pink
83  pale pink
84 steel grey
84  steel grey
85 pale grey
85  pale grey
86 blue grey
86  blue grey
This is a color palette for demonstrative use only.
The colors may differ from the product's color
and with different systems.



Assorted Oil Pastel Crayons

The texture, color strengths and the adaptability of our Pastels live up to the demands they have as professional artists. Many pictures on display, some more than 40 years old, looking as bright and fresh as the day they were created; a testament to the clarity and light fastness of these products.

The color assortment has made it possible to achieve just the shade, tint or to tone you want. Try it yourself - it is easy to blend or tone the pastels, so you have just the result you want.



A Japanese Lady
A 1962 portrait by an English artist


 Oil Pastel Crayons from Fila

36 Assorted Colors  $27.95

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