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Earth Friendly
Wrapping Paper

sustainable - biodegradable - handmade - cruelty free

Luxurious silky cloth texture made form shredding mulberry tree bark. No trees are destroyed.. Vibrant colors with nontoxic dyes.

Each pack  contains two 20" x 26" inch sheets and 2 gift tags.

Price: $6.49 per pack


(red on white)

(gold on blackberry)

(gold on red)
(silver on white)

Cherry Blossoms
(gold and pink on burgundy)



Ingredients: Mulberry tree bark, natural plant fibers, non-toxic dyes, oxygen, patience, and sunshine.

The Paper Making Process: Made form shedding tree bark, leaves and natural plant fibers grown in Southeast Asia. After drying, the bark and fibers are boiled down many times and oxygen bleached (no chlorine). The pulp masses are spread across bamboo frames and air dried, one sheet at a time, then milled to smooth the texture.

In tubs, each sheet is individually dyed with non-toxic, acid-free dyes, then is air-dried. Next, the individual sheets are placed on a table for hand silk screening. The sheets air dry again. At the end of this process, a pair of sheets is gently folded and packaged for you to enjoy!

Supporting The Global Community: Participating in the preservation of the global village by supporting local communities and providing jobs that preserve the old world tradition of papermaking in SE Asia and benefit out planet as well. A portion of the proceeds go to the community and animal welfare programs in Thailand.

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