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Mattress Pillowtops

Used to soften your mattress while also giving it a more plush feel to it. Between the fitted sheet and mattress, our pillow tops are extremely absorbent, and help to protect the mattress. It has elastic at the corners to attach to the existing mattress. For other options to protect your mattress, please see our  3" toppers and our mattress pads.

Separate Pillowtop Vs. Built-in Pillowtop

We recommend using a separate pillowtop on top of the mattress rather than purchasing a mattress with a built in pillowtop for three main reasons.
  •  First, when you build a pillowtop into the mattress, they are the first part of the mattress to wear out. So they actually decrease the life span of the mattress.  
  • Second, you can turn over the separate pillowtops and shake them out which will result in both the mattress and the Pillowtop lasting longer.
  • Third, it costs more to have the pillowtops built into the mattress than to purchase them separately.

We can have natural mattresses made with built-in pillowtops, but we prefer not to for the above reasons.


FREE SHIPPING on Pillowtops on this page when shipped within the contiguous USA.
For orders outside the contiguous USA, please contact us with address and item description for a freight quote. Items shipped with free shipping have a 25% restocking fee to help us recover part of the cost.

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Pillowtop: 2" Thick 100% Natural Latex with Pure Grow Wool & Organic Cotton Quilted to an Organic Cotton Cover. -
Top Of The Line

The natural latex is 2" thick, with a layer of Pure Grow Wool and a layer of Organic Cotton, it is approximately 2 1/2" - 3" thick. Natural cotton elastic straps. Helps to soften the bed system which contributes to relieving the pressure points on the body.
Made In The USA

2" Natural Latex with Wool & Organic Cotton Pad-
39" x 75" $680
2" Natural Latex with Wool& Organic Cotton Pad-
Extra Long Twin
39" x 80" $785
2" Natural Latex with Wool & Organic Cotton Pad-
54" x 75" $838
2" Natural Latex with Wool  & Organic Cotton Pad-
60" x 80" $970
2" Natural Latex with Wool  & Organic Cotton Pad-
Cal King
72" x 84" $1,097
2" Natural Latex with Wool  & Organic Cotton Pad-
 Eastern (Standard) King
78" x 80" $1,097



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