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Natural Healthy Mattresses

Natural Mattresses - innerspring, 100% natural latex, combination, non-innerspring, etc.

Offering the widest selection of the various types of ALL natural mattresses available to help create a natural, non-toxic, clean bedroom environment to sleep in.

Our mattresses are better than natural! These chemical free mattresses are not mattresses that just include a natural material. Manufactures can say they are natural when mattresses have at least 30% natural materials. In our mattresses, ONLY natural non-toxic materials are used. No more sleeping on synthetic chemicals that will off-gas in your bedroom and are not biodegradable in the environment. When you get one of our mattresses, our mattress law labels show that they are made out of ALL natural materials. For example, natural latex and 100% natural latex are often times not the same thing. Most manufactures use a blended natural latex (mix of natural and synthetic) or synthetic latex to keep costs down. Our latex mattress only use 100% natural latex.

We were the first company on the internet to offer ALL natural non-toxic healthy mattresses and we offer them at the lowest possible prices that we can offer them at!

We want to make sure that you are happy with your mattress; our standard mattresses come with a 30 Day Comfort Exchange and 10 Year Limited
Manufacture Warranty
. Handmade in the USA.

  • The only materials used: organic cotton, pure grow wool, 100% natural latex, hemp, steel innersprings, solid wood (see product descriptions for each type of mattress to determine which of these materials are used in a particular mattress.)

  • Materials not used: no chemicals added, no petroleum (oil) based materials, no synthetics, no soy foam (which is synthetic foam with soy added to it), no memory foam (a synthetic product), no synthetic foams (including no polyurethane foam), no chemical fire retardants, and no waterproofing (waterproofing can only be done with synthetic materials.)
Innerspring/Non Innerspring Combinations
(Offers the benefits of both types of mattresses.) *
The most luxurious natural mattress. Independently encased coil system that works in harmony with latex, organic cotton, and wool. Coil systems that Minimizes movement. Available in size Queen or Standard (Eastern) King.
Uses the same coil system as our Organic Cotton and Pure Grow Wool Innerspring Mattress and then combines it with 100% natural latex, organic cotton and wool.
Innerspring Mattresses
(Innerspring mattresses push up to your body to support it:
sometimes described as feeling like your sleeping on a cloud.)
Our Most Popular Mattress. European tufted. The nicest organic cotton and wool innerspring mattress available.
Natural non-toxic mattresses for your baby.
Vegan friendly. Choose from organic cotton and conventional cotton innerspring mattresses. The green cotton mattress is the most inexpensive all natural mattress.
Our firmest mattress. Vegan friendly mattress. Natural hemp innerspring mattresses.
Non-Innerspring Mattresses
(Latex conforms to your body. Latex has a denser feel to it than
an innerspring mattress, giving you a more grounded feeling.)
100% Natural Latex is also known as 100% Natural Rubber. Minimizes movement. Concerns with EMF's, allergies, minimize movement in the bed, & back problems. Non-innerspring. Quilted to provide even more comfort. Optional soft natural latex one sided or two sided pillowtops for added plushness.

Choose from:
  • Organic Cotton and Wool futon mattress with euro tufted and covered with organic cotton mattress ticking. No latex. Nests for for that creature comfort feel.
  • 4" thick of 100% natural latex with organic cotton and wool euro tufted to the each side of the natural futon mattress and covered with organic cotton mattress ticking.
Natural non-toxic mattresses for your baby.
Custom Mattresses
We can have made almost any size, shape and style of natural mattress made for you.
We recommend that you browse the mattresses above and see what type of mattress you would like and then go here to fill out the form with the details. We can do just about any size, shape and natural material.
Heart Shaped Mattresses. Available as an innerspring and latex.
Round Shaped Mattress. Available as an innerspring and latex. 7' diameter. Other sizes also available.
  • Latex vs. Innerspring - Innerspring mattress push up to support your body. Latex mattress feel denser while helping to relieve the pressure points of the body. Some customers explain it by saying, Innersprings make you feel kind of like your up in the air and latex feels like you are grounded to the earth.
  • Mattresses (with the exception of the organic cotton innerspring mattress which requires a doctor's prescription) are fully certified by 3rd party testing and they exceed the requirements of the federal law 16CFR1633.
  • Our natural mattresses DO NOT contain polyurethane foam (a petroleum-based product).
  • No synthetic (toxic) fire retardants.
  • Our natural mattresses Breathe.
  • They allow for a more restful night's sleep by controlling the humidity next to the skin and providing a more even, optimum sleeping temperature.
  • Our Bonnell innerspring mattresses start with tempered steel for longevity with 3 different firmnesses available for a variety of support and firmness.
  • We offer a 30 Day Manufacturer Comfort Exchange Policy for our mattresses and sets. If you decide that you have chosen the wrong firmness to a mattress, you can exchange the mattress for a different firmness. You are just responsible for the difference in price and the actual shipping charges.
  • Note: Almost all of our mattresses and sets are made to order.  Prices shown on site do not include shipping charges. For a shipping quote, please fill out the MATTRESS FREIGHT QUOTE FORM: information on what mattressproducts you are interested in (including the size) with your city, state and, zip.


"We received the mattress last week and all is well. It really is a high quality product and we are very happy with it and the service. Your company does justice to internet ordering." J.S.



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