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Custom Made Mattresses

We have several different styles and standard sizes of natural mattress available. If you don't see the exact mattress or bed set that you are looking for, we can have a custom made natural mattress made for you.

Custom bed frames are not available at this time. As another option, we can put legs on the bottom of a set when requested. And then you can put a bed skirt along the bottom of the bed and put a stand-alone headboard at the top of the bed.

Custom mattresses are not an inexpensive option. It does cost more to make a custom size mattress than a traditional size. To get a custom mattress quote, please fill out the form below. Filling out the form does not obligate you to anything. However, designing custom quotes does require quite a lot of research. Because of this, we do ask that you please fill out the form only if you are at the point where you know that you want and are ready to purchase a custom mattress from us.
Before filling out this form, please make sure that the sizes that you will be requesting will fit your bedroom properly. Custom mattresses normally require custom made materials and additional labor, because of this, they do cost more than the standard size mattresses. Thank you.

 Custom Made Mattress Quote Request Form

Please make sure to fill out the form completely and double check to make sure that you typed your email address correctly. We will not be able to get you a quote without the entire form filled out. Thank you.

Your Name:
Your Email Address:
(NOTE: Be very careful in entering your complete email address correctly. We will NOT be able to send you the freight quote if you mistype it. The email address will ONLY be used to send you this quote. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO DOUBLE CHECK THE INFORMATION BEFORE SENDING IT TO US. We NEVER sell names and we do not have an email list so if you want to keep up with our latest products, please bookmark the site.)
City, State, & Zip Code That It Would Be Shipped To If Ordered:
Shipped To:
(Please select one.)
  • The Curb. Most inexpensive option.
  • The Front Door Of The Building With Your Help.
  • The Front Door Of The Building With 2 Delivery People.
  • Inside Delivery & Set Up (Most costly)
Number Of Stairs To Front Door:
 (Answer only if selecting door or white glove.)
Number Of Stairs Inside Home To Bedroom:
 (Answer only if selecting white glove.)

Type Of Mattress

(Please select one. You can find out more about each type by clicking on the link for each of them.)
  • Organic Cotton And Wool Innerspring
  • Organic Cotton Innerspring  (Doctors prescription required at the time the order is placed.)
  • 100% Pure Natural Latex Non-Innerspring With Organic Cotton and Wool Quilting.
  • Other: Please describe in box: 

Mattress or Set  (Please select one.)

  • Mattress Only
  • Innerspring Mattress with Box Springs (set)
  • Latex Mattress with Box Foundation (set)
  • Innerspring Mattress with Box Springs and built in legs. Use without bed frame. (set with built in legs)
  • Latex Mattress with Box Foundation and built in legs. Use without bed frame. (set with built in legs)
  • Box Springs Only
  • Box Foundation Only
Shape Of Mattress  (Please select one.)
  • Standard Shape (rectangle)
  • Heart Shaped Mattress
  • Oval Shaped Mattress
  • Round Mattress
  • Tomato Shaped Mattress - round mattress with the top of the mattress straight so that it is flush against the wall or stand alone headboard.
  • Other: Please describe in box:
Size Of Mattress
Allow for 1" Variance: Custom mattresses are made by hand, because of this, the dimensions can vary by as much as an inch (width and length) from the dimensions that you give us. So, please make sure that the dimensions you give us allow for this so that if the mattress ends up being as much as an inch wider or longer than what you have requested, that it will still fit your bed frame properly. If this is not possible, please make sure to mention that the dimensions "must not exceed" the dimensions that you give.

Make sure the mattress will fit: When determining the size, please make sure that it will be possible to bring the mattress into your bedroom (through hallways, doorways, etc.), and that there is enough room in your bedroom for it to fit properly. Latex mattresses are more flexible than innerspring mattresses, and the largest (usually king size or larger) foundations/box springs normally come in two pieces.

(For the Height, please enter range of sizes, minimum to maximum. Example: 7" - 9". We can make mattresses less than 7", however, they are not as comfortable as a mattress that is 7" or more in thickness. If it does not matter, please put "Standard Thickness Fine." Making a mattress thinner can actually be more costly than making it the standard thickness. Making a mattress thicker than it is designed for may result in a bed being uncomfortable.

For INNERSPRING MATTRESSES: Two Sided Innerspring mattresses must be at least 7" thick and one sided must be at least 5 1/2" thick. If it must be less than that, please choose a futon or latex mattress.)

Height (Thickness):

(for round mattresses only)

For The Sizes above:  (Please select one.)
  • Sizes given allow for the possible difference of an inch in the sizes given.
  • Actual sizes are not to exceed the dimensions given.
Firmness  (Please select one.)

Innerspring Mattresses
(Click here for advice on choosing firmness)
  • Firm
  • Extra Firm
  • Super Firm

Latex Mattresses
(Click here for advice on choosing firmness)

  • Medium
  • Firm
  • Extra Firm
Other Additional Details:

(Please include any details which you feel may be helpful.)

We will research your quote for you as quickly as possible. There may be a delay due to getting pricing on custom made materials for your bed. Custom quotes may take as long as a week to get an accurate price.

For Security Purposes, please type the 2 words:



Thank you!




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