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Buckwheat Pillows

Made In The USA

  • Organic Buckwheat Pillows - can help reduce a stiff neck by providing proper support of your neck and head. The pillows mold to conform to your body for optimum support that is often times recommended by chiropractors. The buckwheat hulls stay in the shape you need. These thermodynamic pillows don't conduct heat, helping to maintain a comfortable body temperature all night. They also allow the air to circulate. A depression can be easily created where your ear would rest to allow it to be suspended without pressure for ear comfort. Each pillow is filled with organic buckwheat and covered with an organic cotton fabric.  The larger pillow does not include a cover because a standard pillow cover will work fine. Made in the USA.

Organic Buckwheat Neckroll with Cover
(no zipper)
12" long x 4 1/2" diameter $53.99
Small Organic Buckwheat Pillow With Cover
(with zipper)
17" w x 21" l x approx.4" h $59.99
Organic Buckwheat Pillow, Standard Size
(with zipper)
20" w x 25" l x approx. 4" h $79.99


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Neckroll with cover shown below:

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