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Pure Grow Wool Filled Pillows

Above photo: Top row- 3 Euro Pillow,
Middle row - 2 Standard Size Pillows,
Lower row: 2 Boudoir/Travel Pillow

The ideal natural fill for bed pillows, soft Pure Grow Wool maintains its springy resilience night after night. Readily absorbing moisture from the head, our wool filled (standard sized) pillow is offered in three densities to satisfy your preference for soft, medium and firm support. The other sizes have a medium fill. Organic cotton fabric. Unbleached, undyed, no chemicals, and formaldehyde free fill and fabric. Pure grow wool filled pillows with an outside organic cotton fabric. Sun and air to clean.  Made in the USA.

Pure Grow Wool fibers "natural climate zone" effect is especially advantageous in a pillow. Large quantities of body moisture is produced in the head area. This moisture and the pressure of the head are concentrated in a relatively small area, with the head weight and movement tending to force the moisture down into the pillow filling. Pure Grow Wool fibers provide the most comfortable and healthiest bedding microclimate for resting the human body.

Our liberally stuffed Throw Pillows are perfect for decorating chairs and sofas. Natural organic cotton muslin covers are available. Our Euro Pillows are a luxurious addition to the bed for reading or lounging. Create a dream bed with pillows of all sizes, textures, and functions. Our Boudoir/Travel Pillow is compact and ideal for travel in the car or plane.

Our pillows are covered with organic cotton fabric that is unbleached, undyed, formaldehyde free, and it is grown without any pesticides. 

Pure Grow Wool Filled Pillows With Organic Cotton Fabric


FREE SHIPPING on Pillows on this page when shipped within the contiguous USA.
For orders outside the contiguous USA, please contact us with address and item description for a freight quote.
Items shipped with free shipping have a 20% restocking fee to help us recover part of the cost. Used pillows are not returnable.

Pillow Sizes: Boudoir/Travel - 12.5" x 16" | Throw - 18" x 18" | Standard - 20" x 25" | Queen - 20" x 30" | King - 20" x 36" | Euro - 26" x 26" | Neckroll - 6" x 15" |

Pure Grow Wool Filled Pillows                   (care instructions) Price
Boudoir / Travel Pillow
Wool Filled Boudoir Travel Pillow

Throw Pillow
Standard, Extra Fill 29 oz.
Standard, Regular Fill 23 oz.
Standard, Lite Fill 19 oz.
Queen Pillow, Extra Fill
Queen Pillow, Regular Fill
Queen Pillow, Lite Fill
King Pillow, Extra Fill
King Pillow, Regular Fill
King Pillow, Lite Fill
Euro Pillow
Neckroll with case Wool Filled Neck Roll Pillow
         Premium Eco-Wool Filled Pillows

Wool "Down" Pillow:

Made of organic wool nibs which can be moved around, squished and shaped into any form desired. Covered with organic cotton fabric. Machine washable gentle with special instructions Made in the USA.  
Standard, Medium Fill (20" x 25"): $135 $129   
Queen Size, Medium Fill (20" x 30"): $155 $149 

Orthopedic Neck Pillow

orthopedic wool filled neck pillow

If you like neck support this is the pillow for you. Developed in partnership with a chiropractic physician. The 2 contoured neck bolsters on either side (thick side and a thin side) let you choose how much neck support you need. The design allows your head to lay on a flat cozy surface while your neck is properly supported and in cervical alignment with your spine. Very similar to the popular "Tempur-Pedic" pillow, but all natural!!! Covered with organic cotton fabric. Before putting your head on it, the height is approximately 4" on one side and 3 1/2" on the other.

Wool filled orthopedic neck pillow

The person in the picture is lying on the thin contoured side.

wool filled orthopedic neck pillow

 Made in the USA. 20" x 25". 

Price: $165 $159

Premium Eco-Wool Body Pillows
Great for helping to take the pressure off the lower back for side sleepers.
Wool Body Pillow: Standard Medium Fill Pillow

organic cotton and Pure Grow Wool body pillows

Designed for those who enjoy full body support. For side sleepers, hugging a body pillow between your legs and arms can provide excellent support and comfort. Filled with Pure Grow Wool batting and covered with organic cotton fabric. 17" x 53". Made in the USA.

Price: $205 $189


Body Pillow Case (Washable Cover). Organic cotton pillow case to fit the above body pillow.
17" x 53"

Please click on the green price to add item to the cart.Price of Body Pillow Case: $55


Accessories: Muslin Pillow Covers (special sizes for our pillows), Organic Cotton Pillow Cases, & Mist Shams & Duvets.

 General Guidelines To Choosing A Pillow
If you are a side sleeper: Extra Fill
If you are a back sleeper: Regular Fill
If you are a stomach sleeper: Light Fill
 Benefits of Pure Grow Wool
Our Pure Grow Wool begins by being sheared in a clean environment so there is no need for any chemical treatment. The wool is then twice-washed in hot water with a safe biodegradable detergent.

Pillows are the greatest beneficiaries of the "natural climate zone" created by Pure Grow Wool fibers. Because the head produces a goodly amount of body moisture and its pressure on the pillow is concentrated in such a relatively small area, the moisture is forced down into the pillow filling. By wicking away moisture, the natural climate zone provides the most comfortable, healthiest and most rejuvenating rest for both body and spirit. For more information on Pure Grow Wool, click here.

 Care Instructions
The best way to care for all our wool filled bedding is to expose them to direct sunlight and air once a month. This allows any moisture contained within the fibers to evaporate and will freshen the bedding - bringing that "outdoor clean" scent inside.

An alternative to sun and fresh air is to place pillows in the dryer on cold and air fluff for 10-20 minutes (check every 5 minutes to be sure the products aren't tangles.) A clean tennis ball or clean tennis shoe in the dryer will help revitalize the natural resiliency of the fibers.

Stains may be cleaned, using a solution of 1:3 parts distilled white vinegar and water. Spray the vinegar/water solution on the stain and expose to direct sunlight. Allow to dry. It may require a few applications until the stain fades and/or the odor dissipates.

Or, use a non-toxic spot cleaner as directed. Be sure the product dries completely.

If necessary, our wool filled bedding may be professionally cleaned using an upholstery method that employs a wet-cleaning technique. Do not dry clean using traditional methods.

Approximately one-third of the pillow's height will compact over time. This is considered normal. Cover fabric is organic cotton and some variation in color is normal.

Pillow are covered by a 1 year manufacture warranty. If the pillow fails to perform due to manufacturers defects within this time period, return this pillow with the sewn in law label and original sales receipt to the address on label. Pillow will be repaired or replaced at the manufacturer's discretion.

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