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Bistro Press For Mugs


 (mug sold separately)

Turn Almost Any Mug Into A Coffee or Tea Maker. Perfect For Single Servings of Coffee or Tea. Built In Filter System - No Additional Filters Needed. Small & Portable For Travel. Solidly built.

 The Bistro Mug Press is not only a must-have in a single household, but it is useful for everyone who enjoys a cup of perfectly brewed coffee! The idea: fit the coffee press system into a mug to initiate a perfect brewing process on a very small scale. No sooner said than done, the mug press is made of stainless steel, fits into every mug (santroprene rim adapter) and comes with a plastic microwave-proof beaker (PP). Why? While the coffee develops its full taste in the mug, put milk into the beaker and warm it in the microwave (1min.), depress the plunger, take out the small mug press and pour the milk from the beaker into the mug, add sugar at your own taste and enjoy! All parts are dishwasher safe.

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5.43 in. high, dia. 2.36 in


How can I use it?
1. Place the mug on a stable, non-slip surface
2. Hang the Mug Press into the mug
3. Take small french press, rod and filter of the Mug Press
4. Add coarse ground coffee into the stainless steel Mug Press
5. Add hot water (195 - 205F/90C - 96C)
6. Place the press/lid onto the pot in the up position
7. Allow the coffee to brew for 4-minutes
8. During the brewing, fill the plastic beaker with milk and heat in the microwave
9. Depress the plunger gently
10. Take out the Mug Press and add sugar and pour hot milk from the beaker at your liking
Note: be careful, the beverage you are going to enjoy is very hot
TIP: If the plunger is difficult to press down, simply raise the plunger rod up about one inch and then resume pressing

Always clean the Mug Press after use. All parts are dishwasher safe.


 bistro mug press

(mug not included, for illustration purposes only.)









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