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Douglas Fir Spring Tip Tea:

Caffeine Free! When my first botany teacher had us try Douglas Fir tip tea on a class camping trip, I thought it would taste, well, like a tree. I was pleasantly surprised, however, by its refreshing, lemony flavor and sweet, forest-like aroma. While any Douglas Fir needles will freshen up your water when you're out hiking in the woods, the succulent, new growth needle tips which sprout in the Spring have a particularly delicate flavor and marvelously evocative aroma - it's like taking an early morning hike in the deep, forest canyons of the Cascades without ever leaving your kitchen. This tea is made from 100% Spring harvested Douglas Fir tips from the coastal wildlands and mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Nothing else has been added to it, so you can experience the pure, wild taste and sweet, foresty aroma of this distinctly Northwestern wild herb delicacy.

Price Per Tin:  $13 $10.95 SALE for a tin of 20 tea bags.
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White Sage and Wild Mint Tea:

White Sage has a rich, earthy minty flavor that made it a favorite tea for many of the Native American tribes and early settlers of the Southwest. I like to sip this tea during the wet winters here in Northern California, and let my mind drift off to the hot desert country where White Sage grows. So many harvesting and backpacking trips over the years in that beautiful, sunbaked country - maybe I’ll just sit here in the shade of this Palo Verde tree, and let some of the afternoon heat pass while I nap, nodding off to sleep with the smell of wild sage in the air. Now you can enjoy this classic southwestern wild herb tea and dream your own daydreams of the big rock, White Sage desert country.

Price Per Box: $11 $8.95  SALE for a box of 20 tea bags. (While supplies last.)

Price Per Tin: $13 $10.95 SALE for a tin of 20 tea bags.

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