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Hand Made Sun & Flower Trivets / Hot Pad Set

Made of organic jute

Sunflower Organic Jute Trivets Set


These beautiful handmade  trivets are sold set of 2: The large (approx. 13 inch diameter) trivet is perfect for casserole dishes and roasting pans because they can hold the dishes with out tipping at the corners when you scoop out of them. The medium sized one (approx. 7 inch diameter) protects your furniture from smaller serving dishes or bowls.  Together, these two add practical elegance to any table.

  • 100% Organic Jute

  • Hand Crafted - 1/2"  Thick Jute Weave Provides Extra Protection for your fine furniture.

  • Gentle grip for slick, wet, hot  or cold cookware while protecting furniture from condensation and prevent direct contact with temperature changes.

  • Not chemically treated with fire retardent.

  • Biodegradable. Natural Cotton Color.  No chemical dyes and not artificial fibers.

  • They will work hard for you!  For the practical person they save time & money while  socially and environmentally responsible.

  • Fair Trade Members

  • Dishwasher Safe or Handwash and air dry.  

  • Can be hung on the wall as a decorative item or stored in a drawer for ready use.

  • Design inspired by a Flaming Flower. Passion and beauty.

Flower Design Jute Trivet Set
Flower Trivet Set


Sun Design Jute Trivet Set
Sun Trivet Set


  Handmade Flower  Design Jute Trivet Set of 2 (1 large, 1 medium)

for $14.99

  Handmade Sun Design Jute Trivet Set of 2 (1 large, 1 medium)

for $14.99




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