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Enviro-Rope Hammock
(Stands sold separately, below)



These traditional southern style rope hammocks is hand-woven in the USA. These ropes are UV, mildew and rot-resistant. The spreader bars are white oak, hand-finished with linseed oil to preserve the wood grain.

Enviro-rope is as soft as cotton, but with the durability and weatherability of polyester. The Enviro-rope hammock is made from 100% recycled polyester fiber (derived from recycled soda bottles). Enviro-rope is exceptionally mildew and mold resistant. Available in white in two sizes. Made in the USA.

Family Size Enviro-Rope Hammock (54" x 82") 13 1/2 ft. overall length. Hanging hardware included.

$200 $179.99

FREE SHIPPING within the contiguous USA!


(Extra large item: Shipping within the contiguous United States $39)


Single Size Enviro-Rope Hammock (48" x 84") 11 foot overall length.

$189 $159.99

FREE SHIPPING within the contiguous USA!







Coolnet Sailboat Envirope Hammock

Sailboat Hammockcoolnet hammock
envirope sailboat hammock

The Sailboat Hammock is uniquely designed to fit on standard rigging of the majority of sailboats. This hammock has three connection points which provide unequaled stability—will not tip, swing, or flip. Ideal for all anchorages and may be placed in the shade of the mainsail cover or on the opposite sunny side, depending on preference.

In calm conditions may be used underway, while jib-sailing or motoring. During fair weather and especially on warm nights, Sailboat Hammocks can serve as additional stargazing berths. Three favorite configurations offer unrivaled versatility: “Full Repose”…by stretching the hammock tightly “Reclined or Reading Position”…by loosening the foot line “The Porch Swing Position”…by tying the side braid high on the boom or sailcover Bed and harnesses made of Envirope® (recycled polyester, mostly from soda bottles) Harness rings are polished 316 stainless, marine-grade highly corrosion resistant Stretcher bars are hand-finished with two coats of protective marine spar varnish

Dimensions and capacity: Head stretcher width: 44 inches Foot stretcher width: 22 inches Length overall: 8 feet Capacity: 350 lbs

Coolnet Sailboat Enviro-Rope Hammock

$200 $179.99

FREE SHIPPING within the contiguous USA!





Tri-Beam Large Hammock Stand

Tri Beam Hammock Stand

 Put your rope or fabric hammock wherever you want, even if there are no trees or wooden supports available. Follow the sun, or the shade. Our safe, rugged stand supports up to 450 lbs. Made of tough 14-gauge tubular steel with baked-on enamel finish. No tools are required for assembly. The pieces simply slide together. Includes plastic end caps, attaching hardware, and instructions.

  • Fits all of our Hammocks except single size rope hammock.
  • End caps and hammock hanging hardware are included.
  • Capacity 450 lbs. Length 15 1/2 ft overall.
  • Weighs 56 lbs. but ships as oversize (70 lb.) UPS package.

Price: $149.99

(Extra Large Item: Shipping: $49)




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