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Theatrical Cosmetic
Face Paint Pencils

  • For broad designs and fine outline
  • High color intensity
  • Simple application and easy removal
  • Can be washed out of most textiles
  • Wood casings keep fingers clean
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Each set contains 6 different colored pencils/crayons.
  • Produced according to the stringent rules and regulations for cosmetic products
  • Colors are carefully extruded, not dye cast.
  • Basic Set: Theatrical cosmetic pencils, an assortment with 6 colors/box: red, green, yellow, blue, white and black.

    Price: $30  $12.95

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6 crayons, length: 88 mm, diam. 10 mm, length: 3.46 inch, diam. 0.39 inch, lead diam. 0.26 inch, 6 colors assorted.









Theatrical cosmetic pencils, an assortment with 6 additional colors: orange, pink, purple, brown, gold, silver.

LYRA skin color pencils are a quality cosmetic product, manufactured according to – Good Manufacturing Practice – which governs the production of cosmetic products. They offer the highest possible color concentration and intensity as the cores with a diameter of 6.5 mm are not dye cast but carefully extruded.

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