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The best way to care for all of our wool or cotton filled bedding is to expose them to direct sun-light and air once a month. This process will evaporate all the moisture that may be contained within the fibers and will also freshen the bedding by taking out any body odors.

Another alternative to sunning and airing is to put pillows, pads, and comforters in the dryer on cold air fluff for 10-20 minutes (check every 5 minutes) with a tennis ball or clean tennis shoe to refluff the fibers.

Stains may be spot cleaned using a solution of 1:3 parts of white distilled vinegar and water. Spray the vinegar/water solution on the stain and expose to direct sunlight. Let dry. Continue this method until stain fades and odors dissipate.


Use a non-toxic spot cleaner. Use as directed. Be sure product dries completely.


Spot clean with a mixture of borax and water or a biodegradable detergent. This is good for large areas as well. To dry, place the washed area between two towels and press the water out. Then put out where it can be exposed to direct sunlight to dry and help clean it.


Spot clean with hydrogen peroxide. Soak area with hydrogen peroxide for blood and small stains. You will notice that stains lift and disappear as the area dries. Tough stains may require multiple cleanings. Then put out where it can be exposed to direct sunlight to dry and help clean it.

If sunning and airing is not feasible, bedding products may be professionally cleaned by an upholstery method using a wet-cleaning technique.


Duvets, Shams, Sheets and Covers. These products are made of untreated, unbleached cotton that has been washed twice to remove all sizing. Machine wash and dry using non-detergent soap (meaning natural, without chemicals) and no bleach. Fabric softener is not recommended.

Wool Puddle Pads

The  wool puddle pads can be machined washed.  However, we recommend that you hang dry the puddle pads. Please do not machine dry the wool puddle pads.

Daily Breathing Time

Europeans are shocked to see a bed made up first thing in the morning. It is standard practice in Western Europe to let the bed 'breathe' in the morning. The comforter is turned back to allow moisture and odors to escape from the mattress via air circulation.

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