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A Good Night's Sleep....

Wool fiber fill or batting provides the most comfortable and the healthiest bedding micro climate for the resting human body!

Providing a good night's rest is very important because you spend one-third of your life in bed. More importantly, how good of a sleep that you get during the night usually contributes to how you feel the rest of the day. While sleeping, your body replenishes itself. Since your skin absorbs what it comes into contact with, we are offering all natural chemical free mattresses. With Sonoma County's Pure Grow Wool wool wrapped in cotton in the mattresses, you will sleep like a baby in an all natural breathable environment.

There are no irritants such as sulfur or boric acid, either. These mattresses are manufactured without the use of any plastics, foams, or polyesters that emit toxic gasses. In addition, there are no foams or polyesters to break down, or pack down, so your cotton/wool mattress will last longer. Cotton / Wool mattresses "breathe", providing a more comfortable sleeping surface in hot weather. These mattresses are made better than other mattresses.

The Mattresses are available in all firmness levels and traditional sizes. Custom sizes are also available.

These mattresses are manufactured by a company whose goal has always been to provide customers with a good night's sleep. The focus is on the customers' sleep benefits, the toxicity of conventional sleeping surfaces, and the environment as well. That's why they manufacture beds that let you sleep better while helping the environment.



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